Jim (Pat) Hurley

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Jim (Pat) Hurley
Jim (Pat) Hurley


Jim (Pat) Hurley


Jim (Pat) Hurley


Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In: Cleveland Heights, OH USA
Spouse/Partner: Mary
Your email address: hurleyjp@outlook.com
Occupation: Retired
Do you have children? Mary and I have two children. Katie was born in 1990 and works as a physical therapist while her husband More…Mark works as a Dermatologist. Alex was born in 1993 and works in public accounting with EY.
Military Service: US Air Force  

After the Air Force I graduated from BU and Northeastern then designed superconducting magnets for MRI, TFTR, Linear accelerators, and Maglev trains. After this I worked in the computer industry for 36 years, was an industry analyst and researcher, a consultant, board advisor and matchmaker, traveled the world, ran several businesses, hung out my own shingle and retired.

School Story:

I did not recognize many classmates at the 50th.

Do you keep in touch with other NHS classmates?

I stay in touch with a few people, including Dan Irwin, Jane Bianchi, and Jim Judge.

Did you have a favorite teacher at NHS?

I recall many teachers, some more than others.

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Akex and Katie - 2008
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Jim (Pat), Katie, Mary and Alex - 2007