High Rock and Eliot


 Miss Tierney's  2nd Grade Class



Top Row  -  in the middle Russ Lugton,  on the far right -  Erik Johannessen

Bottom Row - Paul Cooper, Russ Sawyer, Stephen Longcor, Bobby Kohl, Glen Walters.

Please help us, we need names for all these good looking young men.     Thanks to David Beal and Linn Stewart for providing names so far, we still need a few more.

 Here are the girls photos.   We need names.


 Top row:   Judy Barrett, Carol Jensen, Sue French

Bottom Row:  Linn Stewart



 4th Grade

 Top Row:  Sue Storrie,  ___   ,  ____,   Linda Campbell,  ____ Susan Bretschneider

Bottom Row:   ___,  Joanna Flanagan,  Martha Keyes,  ____,  Linda Godfrey,  Celeste Gabriele




5th Grade   -  Miss Morgan

6th Grade




Mrs. Crocker's 6th Grade Class

John Eliot

All Roads Lead to Rome

Performed at Newman Junior High by members of the 6th Grade Class from John Eliot School

See if you can locate:  Ken Kaplan, Paul Bennotti, Stuart Wallach, David Kinne, Ilene Pollan, Pat Fucci, Elaine Anzivino, Mr. Wolf, Bill Zadroga and Michael Picariello playing the accordion


 Miss Sperakis' 4th Grade class        Do you remember Miss Sperakis'  nick name ?

 Please help with names.     

Start at the top left corner, read down:   Roger  Laako, Cheryl Taggart, Teddy Hasenfus, Elyse Mailins,  across the bottom:  Patty Fucci, Cheryl Pandolf, John Lobach, Roberta Schwartz,  Melinda Anderson.  ?  go up the right side:  Bobby Dunn, Jean Heemskerk, Steven Alfred, Barbara Collishaw.   Second from left read down:  Mary Hill, Gary Vallely, Carol Briggs, John Sacco, read across, Miss Sperakis, Steve Wallace, Nancy Doyle, go up ,  Kenneth Rose , Nancy Bokron, Paul Benotti


 5th Grade    -    Mrs Louth's class  ?

Top Left across:  Stuart Stone,  Ann Geller,  _______,  Cheryl Pandolf,  Buzzy Gallagher,  Sue Morrell , Kenneth Rose, Christine Delaney

2nd Row:  Jean Heemskerk,                              Bobby Dunn

3rd Row:  Ralph Tocci,  Jane Simpson,  Mark Bloom,   Melinda Anderson,  Fred Reilly,  Lynn Salvucci,  Lennie Treiber, Jeanne Waska

4th Row:  Susan Shapiro,  Stanley Brown,  Roberta Schwartz,  Roger Laako, Barbara Collishaw, Debbie Sobel,    Cheryl Taggart,  Mary Hill