Photos Then and Now



A blast from the past !

Visited the Needham Historical Society office recently

Here are some great photos from their archives.

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1960's  ?

IMPORTANT UPDATE AND CORRECTION:  June 24, 2014   Today I received an email message from Steve Ford - NHS '68.   He tells me this photo couldn't have been taken in the '60's because he spotted a VW Rabbit in the picture and they weren't introduced until the mid '70's.      Thanks for pointing that out.

Photo below taken about 1948 - standing on the Common, looking down Great Plain Avenue toward the movie theater.


Needham Heights

Great Plain Avenue at Chestnut Street

Beekeeper Frank Gallello tending to the hives

January 2011

Joe Lemay, Ted Hasenfus, Steve Wallace

sharing stories, and a few laughs with old friends

Priceless !



Received this recent photo from Jay Gledhill following his trip to Maine


It's Linda Godfrey Savage with her brother Scott.



September 2010

 Mr. Terrenzi's Advanced Placement Class

Who are these guys ?

Bob Bonadies, Yurgen Geist, John Tedeschi, Ken Bassett, Steve Wallace

Arthur Ficciardi,   our host - Rich Duffy,   Joe Lemay




 A recent gathering at Janice Savoia Kelley's home.

Ginny Wagner Sefton, Peg Driscoll, Karin Mahar Adams

Helen Newton, Janice Savoia Kelley, Mary Cunningham,

Jane Bianchi and Jane Doherty




Alan Meltzer - a recent birthday


Mini Reunion at Mario's - April 10, 2010

NHS  '67 -  '68  -  '69




March 2010  -Celebrating the arrival of Spring, took the '62 Fairlane for the

first cruise of the season.

Sue Tanner, Stevie Wallace, John Tedeschi, Cathy Lemay and Rich Duffy.

Rendezvoused with a few of the "car guys" down the Cape.  We sat at dinner, reminiscing about some of the adventures and rides from years ago.  Were your ears ringing ?  Heard funny stories about Hasenfus, Leveroni, Ricciardelli, Bassett, Osier, Geist, LeClair and others.


January 30, 2010 - Mini Reunion at Mario's with NHS '67  &   '68


Jay Gledhill, Doug Wade, Sandi Hicks, Sue Taylor

The next mini-reunion is being planned for April.  Watch for updates.


The Blue Tree - Needham Common

December 2009



"The Story of Needham's Blue Tree"

Needham's famous blue tree was lighted for the first time on Friday December 3, 1954. It has continued to be the yearly tradition since then except for the Christmas during the energy crisis when the lights were out everywhere.

Former Selectman Clarke Wertheim is responsible for the idea of having a blue tree as Needham's principle decoration. In 1954, the merchants, especially those who belonged to the Board of Trade, took charge of decorating the downtown for the holiday season.

The tradition has been continued by the Needham Business Association(NBA) with assistance from the Department of Public Works. It is so well known that airplane pilots have been known to point it out to their passengers."

Taken from the November 1998 Needham Times, this was included as part of the half page ad for the annual lighting of the Blue Tree.
Thank you to Karen Thomas McDaniel – NHS ’68 for sharing this information.


Sunday - December 20, 2009 -  Kent Jarrell reports from Bethesda, Maryland - 20 inches of snow




October 4, 2009  -  Las Vegas

with Jimmy and Mary Ellen Dolan


September 19, 2009

Practicing for our Reunion next week.  The fun started with a tour of Needham.


We joined the festivites at Mario's.  Members from NHS classes '67, '68 and '69.

  You missed a good one.

It was a busy weekend, the celebrating continued Sunday in Shrewsbury at the Muscle Car Reunion.  More familiar faces here too.

Muscle Car Reunion

Seated front row - left to right  -  Helen Burke Sammarco ('72), Cathy Herendeen Lemay ('69), Nancy Herendeen Bonoli ('70), Daissy Duffy, Sandi Hicks('68)
Standing behind Helen  -  Rick Lemay ('72), Charlie Hicks, Joe Lemay ('71) skip over you've got Jeff Leclair ('68) standing behind Sandi
Rear start on the left  -  In between Rick and Charlie, is Henning Geist ('73), slightly hidden behind Charlie is Carmine Sammarco ('71) (Cindy Sammarco's brother), directly behind me and Charlie is John Tedeschi ('69), in the center with the beard is Tom Pomarkis, Paul "Slip" Pomarkis is hiding behind his brother, next is Tony Borrelli ('71),  Rich Duffy ('69) and the reason all these guys got together, there's Yurgen Geist holding down the end.


Rich, Yurgen and John

Jeff, Joe, Rich, Yurgen, John


September 2, 2009  - Reunion Committee meeting

Paula Dunn, Paula Bielski Davis, Karen Ludwig

Ilene Hoffman,  Helen Newton,  Cathy Herendeen Lemay,  Sue Robey Biasizzo

Frank Gallello,  Jon Birkett

Kent Jarrell with his son, Gavin  and Chris Pahud - Summer 2009


   May 2009 -  Mr and Mrs Vin Fantegrossi with  Alan and Amy Meltzer, celebrating Alan's birthday in high style !

 April 16, 2009 -  Reunion Committee Meeting -  Labels and stamps for mailing flyer to classmates.

Frank Gallello,  Helen Newton,  Sue Robey Biasizzo

Cathy Herendeen Lemay,  Paula Bielski Davis,  Jon Birkett


Demolition of "C" Building on Webster Street - prep for new construction





This is the new Main Entrance to the High School building.




New showers in the Girl's Locker room

 This entrance is no longer used.  We were told these doors are kept locked during the day.

How sad.



"C"  building was torn down during this most recent expansion, now we have this lovely parking lot on the Webster Street side of the school building.


The school above on June 5, 1969 - as we remember it

 The school on Thanksgiving Day 2008