NHS 1969 Memorabilia



Received these old photos from one of our classmates

Any ideas when and where these were taken ?

I heard a couple of you guys swapped instruments that day.  

Mr. Harris wasn't to happy with that bright idea.

Mr. Harris giving instructions

Memorial Day - Needham Cemetery

Band Exchange trip to Canada


Class Day Activities



        June 5, 1969



   Martha Keyes  and  Beth Haseltine      Jean Heemskerk, Marie Middleton and Judy Heemskerk




Gym class included square dancing 








Chris Pahud, Jim Judge, Neil Canney





Linda Godfrey                                                         Glenalea Laverie

Phil   and   Mike

John Turco,  Jon Birkett,  Kenny Wallace

                    Tom,           Glen,        Cathy,           Teddy,            Edgar



Yurg                                                                  Rick